FOLKMADSA (Folk Music & Dance SA… just a little bit like WO-MAD) is a new site established and supported by HATs Inc  to promote folk based activity of any kind in South Australia.
We feel there needs to be an online presence to promote all the diverse kinds of folk music and dance that takes place in SA.
Its free to use, to list and we encourage you to use it , link to it and tell others about it. Tell your fans and friends to look at FOLKMADSA for details.. As we get up and running we will also take affordable paid advertising for festivals, CD launches and any special events you want to feature with a bit more promotion. Remember we link to Facebook/ Twitter..
Maybe we who want our traditions to flourish and survive are all a bit MAD.. but thats the way we like to be.. Join us  and feel welcome to join the FOLKMAD Family…
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