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Nice Verdes are Sally and Jesse who
have been performing since first meeting at a peace march in Vancouver
in 2003. They have performed and toured Australia, Canada, New
Zealand, Europe and Guatemala and have studied music and dance in
Cuba, India, West Africa and Colombia, continually honing their
Nice Verdes are always on some kind of adventure in search of new
inspiration and music. Nice Verdes have swung in a hammock on a boat
down the Amazon, hiked up mountains in the Andes, lived in a shack in
West Africa with no electricity, danced in the desert at a rain dance,
seen an Orisha ceremony in Cuba, bathed in ancient thermal baths in
Budapest, slept under the stars in the middle of Australia, gardened
on the slopes of the Mediterranean, swum in the Ganges, planted palms
in the jungles of Costa Rica, enjoyed Tango in Argentina, caught
numerous planes, boats, bicycles and hitchhiked to play festivals and
shows around the world.
Nice Verdes have released two albums, ‘succulence’ in 2008 and
‘brontosaurus’ in 2014. The music of Nice Verdes is uplifting and
sunny original indie world. Inspired by the music’s of the world,
Cuba, Colombia. Africa, Europe and Latin America, they play
combinations of Cuban tres, accordions, ukulele, guitar, harmonica and
They have always been drawn to collaborating with artists from all
countries and they enjoy most of all the parties and festivals that
celebrate a strong sense of community and equality in diversity.

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