Stockport Sound and Lighting

Contact: Bob Charman
Home Phone: 08 8528 2098

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Need to step up a
level for your next gig?
For everything from a small pub gig to a 1000 seater. From Small 2 Way
Powered Speakers, 300 Watts, to a Dual, 4 Way Front of House Speaker
System, 4000 Watts, JBL Speakers, from a tree of Par Cans to a Full
Theatre Lighting Setup. From a 4 to 24 Channel Desk. Drum Mics, Vocal
Mics, Guitar Mics and DI for Bass, other instruments as required,
Shure, Sennheisser, Beyer, CAD, etc. Full system of Effects, EQs and
Compressors. Foldback speakers and drum fill, 6 x 300Watts. DMX
Lighting, Floods, Spots, iColor and Par Cans
All controlled by our professional Sound and Lighting Engineer with
many years of experience of live sound mixing and studio work.
We can also supply back line amplifiers, if required.
We Bump In⁄Out, Set Up, Operate, you just do what you do
best…….PERFORM…….no fiddling with the side of stage desk or
worrying about the lighting or sound.
Competitive Rates
You can see some of our happy customers on our Facebook page at:
As you can see, we have worked for local, interstate and international
artists and they all get our very best, the local band today might be
tomorrow’s international stars.

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