Church at Scots Church Adelaide

237 North Tce, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Adelaide-based folk band, Sycamore Road, presents a night of story told through contemporary Scottish music based on the times of the Highland Clearances in Scotland — the rise and fall of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Lose yourself in the Scottish highlands through the rich harmonic sound blended from traditional bagpipes, folk guitar, fiddle and modernised with keyboard, wind instruments and electric bass guitar. A must see for any Outlander fan!

Presented by:
Douglas Paterson

Sycamore Road is a Scottish folk band formed in Adelaide in 2002, and aims to promote modern Scottish folk music to Australian and international audiences.

Lead vocalist, guitarist and percussionist Douglas Paterson has 30 years of experience with pipe bands at a professional international Grade 1 level. He has been involved as a drum tutor at Seymour College since 2006.

Sycamore Road has performed at numerous events including at the Celts Under the Stars, Australasian Pipe Band Championships, Port Adelaide Celtica, and local, regional and national performances. Their debut album is called “This is our stage” and is available on iTunes and Spotify.