Garden of UnEarthly Delights

Rundle Park Adelaide

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Scaled aine tyrrell
Aine’s music cradles the spirit of her native homeland, and tips the cap to a notable family history of Irish music tradition.

Ache, honesty, elated melodies and garnishing rhythms which a thousand years of ancestry have slammed foot to floorboards to for both celebration and protest.

Aine’s music has grown from those traditional Irish roots into a truly contemporary sound. Her music is tribal and wild, but also fragile and heartbreaking and most of all immaculately crafted. Her songs are as honest as an old friend, warm and inviting, managing somehow to fuse melodies over rhythms which transport you directly into the mid 19th century, to a land hardened by atrocity, which the rest of the world had temporarily forgotten.

She is a singer songwriter with a sound that transcends the convention the title suggests, at times anything from tribal to fragile; her music evades simple platitudes.

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