Trinity Church Goodwood Rd

Trinity Church Goodwood Rd Clarence Park

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Ancient Sounds & Celestial Strings

A hypnotic and inspiring concert of ambient music featuring
the soulful sufi music of Persia, ancient instrumental music of China, the mystic sounds of the Himalayan Kashmiri santur and earthen beats from ancient African drums.
Zhao Liang
Keith Preston
Nava Persian Ensemble

Friday 9 Sept @ 7.00pm
Trinity Church
Goodwood Rd Clarence Park
Tickets: Early Bird $20, Online $25, At door $30
Café open 5.30pm

Globo is a new music and cultural program which aims to raise the profile and appreciation of world music in South Australia. While we are home to arguably Australia’s best world music festival ‘Womadelaide’ the general music scene for ‘world music’ is poorly developed and supported. Globo is working with key artists and groups to 1) Create more public performances and build audiences for SA world music performances. 2) Improve the skills, marketing and management of SA world music. 3) create new cultural collaborations 4) Link SA world music into mainstream events and festivals.
Globo is working with talented African, Afghan, Greek, Lebanese, Persian, Chinese and European musicians and creating partnerships with a range of organisations to support our aims including Sonic Heart, Inner Self Newspaper, Nexus Arts Centre, Bahai Learning Centre.
Join the Facebook page to keep up on Globo news and events. Musica Adelaide World Music
Globo is a project of HATs Inc (Heritage Arts & Traditions)

Zhao Liang
Zhao Liang began learning the Guzheng (Chinese harp) at the age of six in Singapore. Arriving in Adelaide in 2004, Zhao established the School of Chinese Music & Arts in Gouger St. Presently she has over 50 students learning various Chinese traditional instruments. Zhao is an exciting and highly accomplished performer and teacher, she has played solo or with groups at many important events including OzAsia Festival, Government House receptions, Festival Centre concerts and community concerts. She has also been a guest lecture at the Adelaide University Conservatory of Music and also performed live on ABC Radio and on Radio Adelaide. Recently Arts SA funded her to attend Masterclasses in China to further support her training of local artists and musicians in Chinese Music. Zhao is currently engaged in a number of stimulating and ground breaking projects including her Multicultural Storytimes program for 0-5year olds which are presented in local libraries. This project is funded by Multicultural SA. In 2016 Zhao presented a concert of Chinese music with western -string quartet entitled Celestial Strings and is a founding member of Moonta Street a new group presenting a contemporary world music sound blending Chinese and European traditional music.
For Ancient Sounds and Celestial Strings program Zhao will present a cycle of meditative pieces of ancient tunes on the Guzheng ( Chinese Harp) an instrument that stretches back 2500 years. The musical pieces are those inspired by and simulating the sounds of nature, animals, landscapes and natural features such as water, wind, horses, birds and tranquility.

Dada Ni
Dada Nii Okwabi has been a musician since the age of eight. He is a professional drummer, singer, dancer and teacher and is well-known in his native country of Ghana, West Africa and his new home, Australia. During his career Dada Nii has worked with the Mantse Mei Cultural Group and some of Ghana’s top musicians including Okyrema Asante, Pat Thomas and the late John K. In 1978 he joined Ebaahi Sounds as their lead singer and recorded five albums with the group over twelve years. During this time he performed with Fleetwood Mac in the 1981 film The Visitor. From 2000 to 2002 he worked in the UK with the London-based groups Abladei UK, Kakatsitsi and Agido.He returned to Ghana late in 2002 and formed The Damushi Ensemble, a group of professional musicians and dancers who perform traditional and contemporary Ghanaian music. Since 2003 he has divided his time between Australia and Ghana. In Australia he formed a local version of The Damushi Ensemble, which specialises in West African percussion, and The Dada Nii Experience, an African/Latin dance band. He has performed at dozens of festivals, corporate events and private functions across the country as a solo performer and with his bands. Highlights have included ‘The Call of the Wild’ at the Crown Casino in Melbourne (2005), ‘The Big Day Out’ in Adelaide (2005 and 2006) and ‘African Journey!” at Adelaide’s Festival Theatre (2006). Dada Nii has taught drumming and dancing to hundreds of children and adults through workshops in schools, kindergartens and community groups. He has also run workshops for new migrants, disadvantaged students, students with special needs and young offenders in residential care. He is an accredited performer in Carclews Playful program for schools and in 2006 he conducted a childrens drumming workshop for Carclew at Womadelaide. Since 2008 – Present Dada Nii has been teaching in Concordia College as the year 8 music teacher. Dada has worked in a number of schools Australia wide through the Cultural Incursions Program. 2009 Dada Nii played at the Adelaide Fringe Festival followed by touring Australia with his band from Ghana.
Dada Nii has released five solo albums: Moko Bi Nu (1993), Sophie (1995), Anukwale (1997), Kaawie (2001) and Sea Never Dry (2006).
For Ancient Sounds and Celestial Strings program DadaNii will present a window into the timeless heartbeat still beating through the ages in African life through a presentation of accessible percussion and West African rhythms.

Keith Preston
Keith Preston is the director of the Globo Project. He has a long engagement with traditional arts through music, theatre & puppetry. He is a project manager and developer as well as having experience in festival direction and running community arts programs. He is the arts officer at the Australian Migrant Resource Centre in Adelaide working with new arrival communities and coordinating arts projects with an emphasis on emerging South Australian multiculturalism. He is co-founder of HATs Inc (Heritage Arts & Traditions an award winning SA arts organisation that presents performances and develops arts projects and he is an Executive Board member of Folk Alliance Australia, the nation’s umbrella organisation for folk music. As a performer he has a long association with world music through well known groups such as Local Import (Irish Italian) AMADA (world music and Dance) Shoor Jahan (Bengali World Music) Dya Singh (Sikh world music) Sufi Soul (Afghan & Indian world music) Currently he is also producer of Adelaide the Songs a project presenting new songs about the city of Adelaide, its history, stories and identity. Keith plays, guitars, greek bouzouki, Kashmir santoor, bohdran and jawharp.
For Ancient Sounds and Celestial Strings program Keith will present a unique music meditation presenting North Indian raag on the Kashmir Santoor.

Nava Persian Ensemble
Nava Ensemble was founded in 2010 by a group of South Australian Persian musicians. They have continued to develop their playing in the traditional style as well as develop a new repertoire. Nava Ensemble have performed at events organised by the Persian Cultural Association of South Australia, Adelaide Festival Centre, Elder Hall and Nexus Arts Centre. Nava Ensemble endeavours to introduce and promote Persian classical music based on its rich tradition of spiritual and mystic poetry. The music has been refined over a long period of time and influenced music throughout the Middle East and beyond. All of Nava’s performers have been taught by masters of music in Iran and still follow their passion for Persian traditional music. Tonight’s ensemble will perform instrumentals and songs featuring Maryam Parsi vocals, Parastoo Vessel Tumbek (drums), Pouria Aryan Tar (lute) and Shiva Rouholfada Santur (hammer dulcimer).
For Ancient Sounds and Celestial Strings program Nava will present a series of passionate and meditative songs by the famous Persian Sufi and ancient poets such as Rum and Hafe.