HATs Auburn Courthouse

4 St Vincent St Auburn SA 5451

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Andrew Clermont’s ‘Tamworth Supper Club’

Andrew Clermont & the famous (Tamworth Supper Club) at Hats
22 May 2021
Hats Courthouse
4 ST Vincent Street, Auburn SA 5451
Clermont starts his 60th Birthday celebrations with a 40year of music gathering! A reunion of Nuclear Shoes – a New Acoustic group from the early 80s – featuring the living members Gary Coombs on Guitars and Bass & Tim Bailey on Guitar & Banjo. Seasoned inclusion are Janet & Hugh Gordon (Tamarisque) of 25 years with Clermont as well as magician of music Quentin Eyers. Together they will include twin fiddle, twin Mandolins triple guitars music & song from all kinds of lands through to originials.