Bluegrass Parkway

Fair Dinkum Aussies Bluegrass Style
All the way from Perth and onlyONE SA concert experience Australia’s most entertaining and experienced bluegrass band playing authentic bluegrass music in the ‘40s style!
Bluegrass Parkway has just celebrated its 29th anniversary and since the early part of 1994, they have performed around a single microphone, as was the norm for the pioneers of the genre in the 1940s.At any Bluegrass Parkway performance the audience will
enjoy a good taste of bluegrass music along with strong three and four part harmonies as well as witnessing some pretty fancy footwork! So what has helped set this band apart from many others is the priority they have placed upon presenting Bluegrass music in its most authentic form. Make sure you get along for a great nights entertainment.
DATE Thursday 18th May
TIME 8pm
PRICE 28/25 pre-booked
VENUE Hats Auburn Courthouse
TELE 8849 2420