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Cal Williams Jr – ‘Chickasaw’ Album Launch

Cal Williams Jr – ‘Chickasaw’ Album Launch
Multi-award winning blues musician, Cal Williams Jr is excited to release his 10th studio album entitled ‘Chickasaw’. On this album, Cal plays his faithful Donmo rustbucket resonator guitar and sings live into an antique radio microphone to capture the raw essence of the early delta blues. To add to this musical authenticity, Cal challenged himself to record this album in only two hours as a tribute to the limited recording time given to the pioneer Mississippi blues players of the 1930s. ‘Chickasaw’ is an album that displays Cal’s mastery of the folk-blues fingerpicked style with a voice that beautifully soars and intricately weaves melodies with his own highly-acclaimed and unique blues sound. Cal will be performing with long-time musical partner Kory Horwood in their new collaborative project ‘Great Moose’. A must-see show!