Olive Branch Cafe Balhannah


Club Acoustica

Notice of concert from CLUB ACOUSTICA:

Club Acoustica First Sunday Concert, 5 February 2017

* The Cleanskins: – Balhannah locals, Angelee and Harry will wow you with beautiful harmonies and soulful cello and guitar work.

* Georgia Williams:- One of our young singer songwriters, whose visits to Nashville are obvious in her writing and playing

* Jo Jo Kain: – One of the joys of Club Acoustica is to be able to drag Jo from her role as one of the Kitchen Fairies to perform for us – food for our tummies and food for our souls from this young lady.

* The ARTIFICIAL HIPSters: – not a female in sight with this group but these two old rascals cook up a storm with their alt country songs and tunes.

* Adrienne Lovelock and Peter Day: – another female /male duo. We entice Adrienne and Peter from their globe trotting ornothological (twitching) expeditions to warble their way through a set of songs and stories in their own inimitable manner.

At the Olive Branch Cafe, Balhannah (behind the pub)
From 5.30pm to around 8.30pm. ENTRY IS FREE
Food and bevvies are delish and very reasonably priced