Wheatsheaf Hotel Thebarton

George St Thebarton

Courtney Robb Album Launch + Tom Redwood

Moving between the lines of country-infused folk and blues, Courtney Robb’s charged live delivery demands something of her listener as the imperfections and fragility of her stories reveal themselves.

Robb has been a mainstay on the Australian folk scene for many years. This show sees her joined by a full band to unleash her fourth studio album, You Are Not Alone. The album was recorded live over two days in the Adelaide Hills by Mick Wordley and is a leap forward creatively and professionally. Robb and her band; Chris Parkinson, BJ Barker, Snooks La Vie, Mark Seddon, Emma Woolcock, Ashley Turner and Marta Bayly; have captured something honest and stirring.

It has been nearly 4 years since Robb’s last studio album, and it is clear she has used the time well. This new album sees a more confident and mature artist emerge, with stellar performances of finely crafted songs. At times gutsy and confronting and other times intimate and delicate. One Adelaide show only, not to be missed.