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DUE VOCI – music from southern Italy

DUE VOCI – music from southern Italy
Scirocco – DUE VOCI (Two voices)

On one level, the title of this concert refers to the “two voices” of the director/guitarist Vincenzo Andreacchio and cabaret artist Franco Parrella. It also points to the living experiences of people living in multicultural Australia.

Together with the two supportive artists Adrian Ferraretto (cello) and Jorge Gualdron (hand percussion), the ensemble presents a program of Southern Italian music known for its emotional depth and passionate expression of love, joys and sorrow of daily life.

The musical forms in the program come from the diverse periods and regions that make up Southern Italy including – the tammuriata (drumming)/Campania, the lyrical songs of love /Puglia, tarantellas from Basilicata/Calabria/Sicily and contemporary rhythms.