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Eric Bogle and Michael Waugh

Eric Bogle is back at Trinity Sessions and he has got Michael Waugh to open up the show.
Eric Bogle has written some songs that have pretty much become Australian classics of their particular genre. Probably his best-known song is “The Band Played Waltzing Matilda”, which confirmed its iconic status by appearing as a question in the Australian version of Trivial Pursuit! Some of his other songs, “No Man’s Land” (The Green Fields of France) “Leaving Nancy”, “Now I’m Easy” “Shelter” “If Wishes were Fishes” etc. etc. are now beginning to rival “Matilda” in the icon stakes. His songs have been recorded by Joan Baez, Mary Black, Donovan, Slim Dusty, John Williamson, Billy Bragg, The Pogues and The Furies, just to name a few.

He has won quite a few awards along the way including the Order of Australia medal for services to the entertainment industry, and a Peace medal from the U.N. for his efforts, through music, to promote peace and racial harmony.

Michael Waugh’s new album ‘The Weir’ reaches up from the dried, cracked heart of Gippsland’s irrigation reservoir – Lake Glenmaggie – asking what it means to grow up Australian. It is family ‘carguments’ on long holiday drives to see the big things of Australia, mozzie-bitten itches of first summer loves, Meldrum-fuelled familiarity of Aussie rock classics, and the lived-in love of dinner with your partner in front of Neighbours. But it is also about what lies underneath – our underbelly laid bare by the drought; the distances that drive us apart, the economic devastation of rural communities, the death-wish of boys in country towns, the spectres of colonisation, racism and homophobia ‘The Weir’ has received rave reviews and in the words of none other than Eric Bogle –

“The Weir” is a lyrical and musical tour de force. In its unflinching, sometimes heart-wrenching portrayal of life in small town Australia, chronicled here by Michael in all its humour, cruelty, compassion, casual racism, love, loss, grief, and sheer mundanity, these songs have few equals in the current Australian music scene.

On Sunday 31 May 2020 at 5:00pm MUsic commences. Concert space opens 4.30pm. Bar from 4pm.
Trinity Sessions is a fully seated concert venue and is General Admission. The venue bar will open at 4pm. The doors to the concert space will open at 4.30pm. The concert will commence at 5pm.

Trinity Sessions is a cash only venue. Trinity Sessions does not sell water in plastic bottles. Water is available and you are requested to bring your own bottles. However, glasses will be available.

Parking is available on site and at the Medical Centre across the road.

Cheese platters (pre-order encouraged) and nibbles available.

Trinity Sessions
318 Goodwood Road, Clarence Park, SA 5034