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FourPlay String Quartet

Australia’s favourite electric string quartet, FourPlay, return to the stage with a rocking new single, Bound, and stack of national tour dates to celebrate.

With five studio albums and a double-CD remix under their belts, FourPlay began their career wowing audiences at festivals and sell-out headline shows with radical reinventions of popular songs, covering everyone from Radiohead and Rage Against The Machine to Sufjan Stevens and Leonard Cohen. Their last release (2014’s This Machine) was the first to feature 100% original material composed by the four members: brothers Peter and Tim Hollo, Lara Goodridge, and Shenzo Gregorio.
Bound is classic FourPlay, inspired by Jack White and Beyoncé with a big dirty riff that pushes and pulls, urgent and soaring vocals, a deeply melodic chorus, and a crazed viola solo to push everything over the edge.
Don’t miss FourPlay for this special live appearance! Every ticket purchase includes a free download of Bound. Buy the track from any digital outlet to receive three archival remixes of songs from the band’s Now To The Future album, unreleased to this day.
They have toured the world, playing the album Pet Sounds with Brian Wilson, collaborating with Plaid (Warp/UK) on a live filmscore to the animated feature Tekkonkinkreet, creating live comic books scores, performing at three TEDx Sydneyevents, and most recently collaborating with wildly popular author Neil Gaiman.
A FourPlay performance features epic soundscapes, rock ‘n’ roll, chainsawing violas, jazz, eastern influences, pop songs.
The four members (brothers Peter and Tim Hollo, Lara Goodridge and Shenzo Gregorio) have lived their lives together, played at some of the world’s most famous venues and festivals, and spent countless hours writing and jamming together — all of which has created a rare synergy and an unspoken understanding in how they go about their work.

“Nothing short of magnificent” The Scotsman

“Forget anything you ever thought about string quartets. This is the future” Drum Media

“Just perfect… the rock band of string quartets” Neil Gaiman (author)

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