HATs Courthouse Cultural Centre Auburn

4 St Vincent St, Auburn SA

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Hanging By A Thread

Hello – Ciao! We are Di Filippo Marionette. A small international marionette company, who want to share the world with our marionettes, and share our marionettes with the world. We have performed in professional circuits in 10 different countries, including Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, Peru, Argentina, and the USA (including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival!).
From Italia to Oz, one show only: our SA Premier at HATS! A show without words, Hanging By A Thread isn’t just for children but for the child inside all. Our marionettes are manipulated with min.9 strings (professional traditional marionettes) hand crafted by the actor-puppeteers Remo Di Filippo (Italy) and Rhoda Lopez (Australia). Experience the transformative magic of a character hanging by a thread.
We and our marionettes look forward to meeting you.