HATs Auburn Courthouse

4 St Vincent St Auburn SA

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Jan De Ness In Green Tile Tango



A fun, entertaining show about the eccentric characters from a local tango club, brought to life through a smorgasbord of original music and tango-inspired dancing, quick costume changes, French cabaret and sing-a-longs. Celebrates the power of community to help us laugh, cry, sing and dance to survive the rigours of love, in a place where ‘everybody fits in.’

Sam gets his story, Jack gets his lesson, Esta and Michele find love, and we all belt out, ‘Forget About Pierre!’ so Jaquie can reinvent herself. A visual and aural storytelling feast, of tango-inspired dance, slick guitar and jazz tinged vocals.

“Top quality cabaret!” Broadway World Review.

“The Sold-out crowd was lapping it up” Weekend Notes.

★★★★1/2 Glam Adelaide.

One Fringe show only Saturday 29th February @ Hats Courthouse Auburn  @ 8pm

Ticket prices $28.00/24.00 conc