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Kelly’s Wayke

This is a rollicking ride through an Irish Wake with lots of singing, dancing, laughter, crying & of course drinking. Be a part of the True Celebration of Life!

So come along & be partaking in some riotous Craic, Foot Stompin’ & Shakin’ at an Irish Wake with Kelly’s Wayke!

Presented by:
Damien Kelly

Kelly’s Wayke was born at an actual wake for Mick Murphy an old family friend of the Kelly’s. So when the Kelly’s & Murphy’s got together for Mick’s wake, all the old Irish songs our parents had taught us when we were growing up were played to celebrate Mick’s life. We were playing for 6-7 hours at the back room of the pub, when the publican came into the room, we thought he was going to kick us out for making too much noise but he said, no, we turned off the jukebox hours ago, we’ve been listening to you guys all night! A quick phone call from Damien to Brian & Paddy the next day and Kelly’s Wayke was born & We Celebrate Life!