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Kiranpal Singh – Santoor Maestro(UK)

Kiranpal Singh

Santoor Maestro – U.K

Kiranpal Singh Deoora, One of a select few performers of Indian Classical Music on the Santoor, Kiranpal Singh is UK ‘s Santoor Maestro having learnt his art in the traditional way in UK [tabla,vocal] and Bombay, India.
Kiranpal’s inspiration and first teachers were his parents. Whilst in school he learnt Tabla from Ripudhamman Singh Plaha of Punjab Gharana [school of tabla playing] for seven-eight years.


H.H.Satguru Jagjit Singh Maharaj, spiritual Head of Namdhari Sikhs, heard Kiranpal’s Tabla solo performance in London,and with HH’s divine blessings Kiranpal’s destiny was written to study Santoor with the pioneer of Indian Santoor-Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. He forsook his studies when given the opportunity and has not looked back since.

Kiranpal lives in London. He plays regular concerts all over the globe. He has played for HRH Prince Phillip at Buckingham Palace, as well as South Bank Halls numerous times. He has played at Spittalfields Festival and London Mela as well as other prestigious festivals.

Kiranpal is available for concerts formal as well as house, lecture demonstrations/workshops, weddings/cross-cultural projects and private tuition in his music room which he had specifically built. He also teaches many instruments and his theme is ‘learn Indian Classical Music on your instrument’. Kiranpal’s Santoor can be heard in his site.

Kiranpal is available to play soothing instrumental music for any occasion. He usually plays as part of his group accompanied with Tabla and Tanpura or other instruments/vocal/dance which can be catered for. Kiranpal plays music for world peace love and harmony.


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