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Rundle Park / Kadlitpina will be transformed into an African Village for a lavish full-day immersive festival celebrating African cultures on Saturday 12 November, and all are welcome!

Event creator Cecile Saidi said “With the love for our roots, and the guidance of our ancestors, we are bringing Africa to your very doorsteps! Our very first Masoka Village will be hosted on the traditional lands of the Kaurna People of the Adelaide plains.”

Set within a circle of bamboo huts, thatched with dried grasses and turf, being constructed on-site, attendees will experience traditional music and dance performances from a number of African cultures, delicious food tasting, and interactive workshops featuring dance, storytelling, musical instruments and drumming.

A further bamboo hut will be constructed on the day allowing visitors to learn and participate in traditional building methods.

The action-packed day brings together the rich and diverse cultures from East, West, North and Southern Africa, with participants so far confirmed from Burundi, Congo, Ghana, South Sudan and Morocco.

Local actor Mwajemi Hussein, who stars in the latest Rolf de Heer film, The Survival of Kindness will perform theatre pieces around the celebration of new life, and the mourning of life passing.

The festival is created by former refugee Cecile Saidi, a young entrepreneur who has established Masoka Productions, an Adelaide-based production company dedicated to telling stories in an African way through theatre, film and events.

“Masoka means ‘noble deeds’ and Masoka Village welcomes all people to experience the warmth, beauty and richness of African cultures,” enthuses Cecile.

“It is the dream of my family to share our culture with the community we live amongst, and invite you to experience life in our village for a day!”

“Many Australians have no connection to Africa beyond what they see in the news – often of famine, war, disease and political unrest – and cliches of Sudanese gangs and racism.”

“We invite you to learn of the rich and varied cultures of this vast continent, taste something new, dance in a different way, stand shoulder to shoulder as we build a hut, and hear our stories sitting around a fire.

The inaugural Masoka Village festival is presented by Masoka Productions, with no additional sponsorship or government support, but funded with the personal savings of Cecile Saidi.

Cecile invites people and organisation who might be interested in partnership and/or sponsorship to get in touch!

Details of event:

Saturday 12th November, Rundle Park/Kadlitpina, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tickets on sale now at

Adult $65 (each adult ticket is entitled to bring up to two children under 12yo)

Youth $25

Day Experience 11am-6pm

During the day, you will enjoy cultural demonstrations, and get an insight into a typical African home from different African cultures, by taking tours into huts which have been decorated and arranged as African homes are typically decorated and arranged. You will also enjoy interaction with theatrical characters, or “villagers”, throughout our village, who will help you better understand different African cultures and traditions.

Night Experience 6pm-10pm

Stories and meals are shared around fires, lanterns, and candles, and patrons are invited as special guests into the homes and lives of our villagers, for a deeper insight into the African way of life.

This is offered in a much more comfortable and intimate setting, and guests are treated to delicious tastings of various African dishes throughout the night. You will arrive to a night of African charm, and leave with very fond memories, as of one who has truly experienced the best of Africa.

This is the ultimate Masoka Village experience!

Tôhotoa ô lúkye ibe twaibelela acúba
You won’t return to the river if you have not forgotten your calabash bowl there
[ an African proverb ]

One only bothers to retrieve what was left behind, if it is of importance. In the case of Masoka Village, we honour our African roots, and celebrate their significance in our lives today, especially here in a land far from home. We look behind for guidance, and to have a clear vision of what’s ahead.

Cecile is available for interview and can be contacted at

Ph: 0469 905 032