The Singing Gazebo Clarendon

47 Nicolle Road
Clarendon, SA 5157

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Michael Coghlan & Sean Mangan

Sean Mangan and I are going to do an afternoon session playing our own songs at the Singing Gazebo in Clarendon on Sunday, April 11th.

We’ll mostly be playing solo but we;ll do a few songs together.

The Singing Gazebo is a charming venue run by Dave Clark and Kate Townsend. You might remember the equally charming but much larger Singing Gallery…..

Only 25 tix available unless the rules change before then. Come along and spend a lovely afternoon in the garden πŸ™‚ Tix available via

oin Sean and Michael at the wonderful Singing Gazebo for an afternoon of original music. Mostly playing solo but some songs in tandem.
About this Event
Sean Mangan

Sean Mangan wrote his first song fifty-three years ago. It was rubbish. Over the decades he has written quite a few more, and some of them were rubbish too. We don’t talk about those. To hear some of the songs he is still prepared to acknowledge, come and join us at the Singing Gazebo. Even if you think the songs are rubbish, you can console yourself by listening to Michael and Ingrid. Sean doesn’t look like the photo anymore either.

Michael Coghlan

Michael wrote his first song forty-seven years ago and it’s not that bad! Sometime in his early 20s someone he was sharing a house with heard Michael playing in his bedroom and said he should be playing in public. He followed her tip and has being doing so ever since. He played regularly in coffee shops, bars, hotels, restaurants and folk clubs in Adelaide, and overseas through the 70s, 80s and 90s – mostly solo but with occasional forays into duets, trios, and even groups. In amongst all this he spent a couple of years busking and playing music for a living in Europe and Israel.

He describes his music as ‘contemporary acoustic’ – a blend of folk, pop, rock and country.