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Moonta Street & Chloe Warwick

Moonta Street & Chloe Warwick


This is in mid-September and Spring will have sprung! Escape from the house and join us for two delightful acts in The Adelaide Hills. Would you help us, please by re-posting to your network?

Moonta Street brings together five diverse musical forces to create a music that spans continents. A balance of traditional and original songs and instrumentals talking about issues of our times. Their unique Australian sound brings together traditional folk, blues, rock- reggae and jazz.

Chloe Warrick takes inspiration primarily from Australian female songwriters and performers. Most of her songs are feel-good acoustic numbers with heartfelt messages. She’s played around Australia and aspires to bring a smile or a tear to the face of whoever is listening.



Moonta Street

Euro/Asian World Music from Adelaide

Moonta Street is the heart of Adelaide’s Chinatown, where the lions stand guard on the street and the music of this new group perfectly reflects that synergy of East & West/Ancient & Modern that is contemporary Adelaide.

Moonta Street brings together  five diverse musical forces to create  a music that spans continents. A balance of traditional and original songs and instrumentals talking about issues of our times. Their unique Australian sound brings together traditional folk, blues, rock- reggae and jazz.  Described by fans as ‘Asian world music meets retro surf sounds”..Moonta Street is also ambient, hypnotic and timeless creating a majestic soundtrack that talks about the modern world where East meets West..

Zhao Liang               GuzHeng  Chinese Harp

Satomi Ohnishi        Jazz drummer & percussionist

Mary Heath               Guitar and vocalist

Keith Preston                        Santoor  (Dulcimer) & Electric Guitar

Shivani Preston        Keyboards & Melodica

Zhao Liang is a virtuoso player of the Guz Heng and founding director of the Adelaide School of Chinese Music. Originally from Singapore, she has performed widely throughout SA at major events and recently travelled to China for masterclasses.

Satomi Onishi is a percussionist/ drummer with high credentials from Japanese schools of music and performs with a range of acts in Adelaide including the acclaimed Jazz shows, Take Five & Swing with pianist Brendon Fitzgerald. She has coordinated world drum projects with the Migrant Resource Centre and plays with a number of exciting SA band projects including Adelaide Songs, Slingsby Theatre,  Chica Chica Electrica

Mary Heath is a well known SA folk-singer, coordinates a community choir ‘Rise Up Singing’ and is  highly regarded  for a strong authentic voice for traditional music.

Keith Preston  the group’s songwriter,  he is an experienced world music performer and arts project coordinator. He has played and toured internationally and nationally with a range of music groups in SA such as Sikh music group Dya Singh, Bengali music group Shoor Jahan, Afghan, Indian & Pakistani  music with Sufi Soul and recently as songwriter/coordinator of the acclaimed Adelaide Songs project.

Shivani Preston is a talented young 18 year old pianist and keyboard player, already highly experienced in music performance for theatre and a very accomplished folk music artist in music and folk-dance. She also plays with acoustic band ‘Fed Peasants’ and is a mainstay of traditional Morris dance group ‘Hot For Joe’


Performances include :             

Dunstan Playhouse             Harmony Day Concert for Migrant Resource Centre SA

Nexus Arts                            Umbrella  Music Festival Curated performance

The Jade                                Launch of website

Wayville Pavillion              Whole Body Expo Cultural Festival

Oz Asia Festival 2017         Elder Hall performance for Confucius Institute

Tour Down Under 17/18    Unley Gourmet Gala

Fleurieu Folk Festival         2018 Festival

Wheatsheaf Hotel                Songwriter’s Lyricists & Composers venue

Art Gallery of SA                 Oz Asia Special Event

Oz Asia Festival                   2018 Music Concert Series.



The Moonta Street connection for this group is Zhao Liang, the Principal of the School of Chinese Music and Arts based in Moonta Street, Adelaide, the heart of Chinatown. Walking into Nexus, to see Guzheng (Chinese harp) next to an Indian Santoor, electric guitar with pedals, percussion kit, acoustic guitar and electronic keys, one is not quite sure what to expect, either for repertoire or for the sounds on offer. Then to see the line-up of folks on duty – particularly the multi-talented Keith Preston, daughter Shivani, Mary Heath and the effervescent Satomi Ohnishi – a better drummer is hard to find!

In terms of songs, many were Celtic, there was also a quite raucous Greek drinking song. In terms of the sounds, at times we had call and response from Guzheng and Santoor which was a delight to the ears, others with bends of the Guzheng notes being echoed by the tremolo of electric guitar. Mary did a great job with the vocals and general introductions etc.

There is some great local music happening and some of this with unusual instruments! There are also some master instrumentalists crossing several lines into cross cultural collaboration – with some results that will prick your ears up!  Clayton Werner –The Clothesline  26th Feb 2017

Moonta Street Contact Details:

Zhao Liang

Adelaide School of Chinese Music. 86 Gouger St, Adelaide SA 5000

Facebook – moontastreet

Mobile 0433 213 526