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SCALA turns 30!

SCALA turns the big 30!

Yep, this is the culminating night in the November birthday series, live at the Wheaty. The official double CD launch of 2016 FOOM winners and grinners! Plus 30 years of SCALA history in the room.

30?…yep, 30….hmmm….remember your own 30th birthday party? Good, cos we can’t either. That’s why we’re showing you these SCALA website archives instead.

Who would’ve thought that Rob and Jane Childs’ seed of an idea would bloom into the far-reaching Hydra we have before us today. Blame Rob! Tell him to his face.. after all, he’s opening the night with one of his rare live performances cos really it’s his “baby’s” birthday. Bookends in history.

Be sure to get some of the 30-year SCALA history straight from Rob and help start creating the next 30 while you’re there. Also take in the brilliant doyennes of stage as they follow Rob with their own elegant performances: Courtney Robb followed by Robyn Habel. Class x 2… wait, 3!

Read on…..

SCALA’s 30th Anniversary Month!

SCALA was officially formed on 22nd November 1987 which means it’s turning 30 next week! To mark the occasion we have a very special show lined up next week:

Thursday 23 November

1. Robert Childs (SCALA’s original founder and El Presidente)

Robert Childs founded SCALA exactly 30 years ago on 22nd Novermber 1987!

He wrote his first song about 1959 and has written songs, off and on, ever since. Robert has produced many of SCALA’s albums and he has written many articles about songwriting matters.

He’s now an occasional solo performer but during the nineties was surprised that other people, forming Robert Childs Elastic Band, wanted to play his songs. Due mainly to the enthusiasm of the band and a few other supporters he released the CD Revenge (with the Elastic Band) in 1994.

Robert and his wife Jane were each awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in June 2004 “For service to music as mentors and promoters of emerging composers and performers through the Songwriters, Composers And Lyricists Association (SCALA)”.

Robert released a 5 song solo acoustic limited edition CD, Contagion in November 2007. One album a century is probably enough!

2. Courtney Robb

When you are watching Adelaide songstress, Courtney Robb, the first thing that hits you is a rare honesty and sense of self that pulls you along with her on an emotional roller coaster. Her husky, but undoubtedly Australian vocals are woven with purposefully delicate guitar in a style teetering on the edges of folk, country and blues. Courtney is not afraid to bare her soul, to share stories of love, belonging, heartache and failure; songs you feel were written just for you.

With three independent studio albums under her belt, and a live recording released late in 2015, Courtney continues to connect with her audience the only way she knows how, through intensely personal music and through a steady stream of heartfelt performances.

3. Robyn Habel + Band

Robyn Habel is an Australian singer-songwriter, who was born & raised in St Louis, USA. She has won a stack of Australian music industry awards, a film industry award & is a Radio Triple J Unearthed song competition winner.

Robyn has recorded two solo albums ‘Robyn Habel’ & ‘Red’, which were released in Australia, the US, Europe & Asia. Her third CD, ‘Sun Come Shine’, was recorded in 2008 with renowned producer Michael Carpenter of Love Hz Studios Sydney, at the helm.

With over 10 studio albums under her belt, Robyn has recorded with juju eyeballs, The Everys, July 14th, The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, & Jeff Lang, & has supported acts such as Stevie Wonder, Toni Childs, Crowded House & Midnight Oil to name a few. She has been associated with labels such as Polygram, Warner Chappell, Festival, Mushroom, Albert, Larrikin, Round & Greasy Pop.

As an electric & double bass player, Robyn has backed artists such as Rolf Harris, Judith Durham of the Seekers, Matt Monroe, Don Burrows, George Golla, James Morrison, Normie Rowe & Kamahl.
As a film maker Robyn has Co-Directed/Produced/Composed the award-winning documentary ‘Little Artists Big Dreams’.

In her spare time she lectures in Jazz at the University of Adelaide, drinks beer & eats pizza.
“…she is absolutely captivating.”
Carl Peel, Music Connection, Hollywood

“…she is worthy of repute to match the Masters Apprentices & Cold Chisel. She is a great songwriter, & performs with a quiet & intense passion.”
Peter Donald, Beat Magazine, Melbourne

Bring a friend and come along to celebrate 30 years of SCALA!

We will have a couple of ‘SCALA Spotlights’ to start off the night.  Tonight these are FOOM 2016 Winners and feature artists from our soon to be released SCALA CD: Zoe Tracas and Alex Black will air two of their best or newest to our wonderfully attentive and respectful SCALA audience. (NB: These Spotlights are booked in advance with a preference for SCALA members – please email scala@scala.org.au).

Doors open 7:30pm. Music 8pm. PLEASE NOTE: This is a ticketed event. Entry is $5 for SCALA members, $10 for non-members.

Hey! Remember to tune into Radio Adelaide’s “Arts Breakfast” programme every Sat morning between 9:20-9:50am featuring some weird unknown life facts about SCALA artists like the ones above. RadAd: 101.5fm https://www.facebook.com/artsbreakfastradioadelaide/

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