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Steve Poltz (US)

It seems as though
Steve Poltz had only just left the shores of Australia – and the
truth is – He did!! Poltzy (as his Australian Fans call him) was
here in March 2015 and sold out every show – had every audience on
their feet in standing ovations – including at the Festivals he
played. He was voted best artist at Port Fairy Folk Festival and
crowned the King of Tasmania.

Steve Poltz is a truly unique individual who doesn’t fit into the
usually boxes. He has worked with some of the world’s best musicians
and is a highly respected songwriter amongst his peers. He co-wrote
Jewel’s Number 1 hit “You Were Meant for Me”, He trick-a-treated
a Liberace’s house and he even met Elvis Presley. He has stories
about all his moments and songs about so much more.

So due to popular demand, this April Steve Poltz is back Festivals
want him, the people want him – how could he say NO. He lives to
serve the people. Poltzy is bringing with him his brand new and long
awaited album ‘Folk Singer’.

To appreciate Steve Poltz fully, you need to experience Steve Poltz
fully – his shows are never the same and he keeps you completely
captivated, mesmerized, bewildered and fascinated all the while
exploring every emotion that you have inside