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39 George St Thebarton SA

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The Backyarders

What in the dickens?? A band with chickens!*
Come get folked with The Backyarders.

Jig the night away to shanties that stoke you to dance ’til you croak and rock that’s bespoke for whisky soaked folk.

*Chickens may or may not be included in the show.
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The Backyarders

The Backyarders are an all-star band of Adelaide multi-instrumentalists united by their love of folking, rocking, jigging, and swigging.
With backgrounds stemming from classical to heavy and folk to funk, a melting pot of musical taste and style produces succulent, foot-stomping, knee-slapping tunes for your universal listening, grooving and body-moving satisfaction.

Keep an eye out for this South Australian musical powerhouse while it’s still in your backyard!The Backyarders