HATs Auburn Courthouse

4 St Vincent St Auburn SA

The Dusty Feet Mob

On Its way in November a very special cultural afternoon for Auburn School children and Auburn Seniors

Dusty Feet Mob is an Aboriginal dance group from Port Augusta, South Australia aged between six and thirty-one years. Dusty Feet Mob is more than just a dance group. They are a community that nurtures strength, confidence and dignity
As a group, through song and dance in a contemporary setting, they pass on stories to the wider community of Aboriginal culture – the oldest living culture in the world. Dusty Feet Mob is a community that builds a connection to culture, language, community and country through dance.
Dusty Feet Mob knows that storytelling through dance and song is a powerful way of celebrating Aboriginal identity, culture and connection to country.
Dusty Feet Mob has a significant impact on all who experience their performances. They have performed and run workshops all across the country So please join us for a wonderful afternoon of cultural entertainment brought to you by Hats Inc and CGVC.
DATE: Friday, November 1st
TIME 1.15pm _3.15pm
VENUE: Hats Courthouse
PRICE: FREE EVENT WHY? because we at HATS strongly believe that opportunities like this support nuture and foster cultural richness of our regional community.
CONTACTus at Hats Inc if you are an Auburn Senior and would like to attend
T 8849 2420 OR E bookings@hatsincsa.com