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The Great British Pub Singalong The Borderers

Travelers to the British Isles always reminisce about the brilliant pub atmosphere, where a sing song can strike up at any moment. A guitar or a fiddle will appear, and before you know it, the whole pub is joining in. This is the type of atmosphere that will be generated and you can choose to be either in Team Ireland, Scotland, England or Wales!
If you’ve ever seen a Chas & Dave concert, or watched the World Champion Darts final, you’ll notice that the fans all participate with singing and good natured banter. Similarly, there will be fun dart games throughout this show ( with some prizes & gentle rivalry thrown in ) and then the audience will decide which country won the best song of the night. Booing will not be allowed. Only laughing and frivolity from the best entertainers in Oz!!!
Presented by:
Jim Paterson ( The BordererS )

Scottish / Irish / Australian band The BordererS are the most successful Celtic / Roots band in Oz selling over 103,000 CD’s. They got together in 1994 and have released 11 albums, 4 EP’s & 2 kids albums. Lead singer, Alex, was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and came to Australia in 1987, whilst Jim was born in Glasgow, Scotland and arrived in Australia on Christmas Eve 1993.

“You’ve got so much energy!” are the words that are always used to describe the band’s live stage show and what sets the BordererS apart from other bands is their unique ability to get the whole audience involved, no matter their age group.

They’ve also been voted Best World Music Act at the 2003 Musicoz Awards, Best Gospel song at the 2009 Independent Music Awards in the USA and Best Band / CD in South Australia