Clayton Wesley Uniting Church,

280 Portrush Road Norwood

The Mondgreens present A CONCERT FOR SAWA (Women of Afghanistan)

The Mondegreens are a nine voice choir performing a range of a cappella and
accompanied songs. The choir’s arrangements are original and cover music from The
Beatles, The Staple singers, Randy Newman, Van Morrison along with a generous mix of
standards from the 40s and 50s. They have generously donated their artistry for a
concert to support the women of Afghanistan through SAWA
and its work with the Vocational Training Centre for Women in Kabul.

At the Vocational Training Centre women are taught: Dari (Farsi), Mathematics, Basic
Information on Child Care, and General Knowledge. The literacy program is for two
years, comprised of four semesters of six months each. An exam is conducted at the
end of each semester which students have to pass to proceed to the next semester.
After finishing the 4th semester the students appear for the final examination and if
they pass that exam they get the Merit Certificate of Literacy. The Centre offers
handicraft training for women who successfully completed the literacy course. The first
handicraft class began in 2009 with women from the 2008 literacy classes. The women
produce traditional Afghan dresses for festive occasions and support their families
through their own work. The Centre is administered by the Organization for Promoting
Afghan Women’s Capabilities (OPAWC), an aid organization registered in Afghanistan.

Price: $12 / $10 concession
Afternoon tea will be served