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Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl?

Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl

A storyteller who weaves together music and poetry to share stories and shift stigmas. Our Ukulele Dream Girl is armed with a ukulele, some plants, ’90s sing-alongs and a compassion filled heart. She’s ready to take you on a journey to explore the power of your expectations, prepare for the revolution of love, community and self-empowerment. But who is she?

‘Who is the Ukulele Dream Girl?’ is the debut solo show from Phi Theodoros of award winning ‘Finding Me Cabaret’ and highly acclaimed ‘Depression The Musical’.

The show made its premiere at the Bakehouse Theatre in August 2019 to sold out crowds and rave reviews. Join the journey, discover the power of expectations, become part of the community and take home a plant friend as a momento.

Friday 21 Feb @ Hats Courthouse Auburn     Time 8pm

Ticket Prices $25.00/$20.00 conc


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