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Woody’s World Ukulele Kids Show

Unleash your creativity through music and learn to play the ukulele with expert ukuleleist Woody Clark and his cheeky friend Hercules the Cat.
Play along to the story of Jasmina, a shy young girl at school who discovers that with the right tools, the language of music can be accessed by everyone. Bring your own ukulele or pick one up from Woody’s Wall of ukuleles. No prior musical experience necessary.

Ukuleles are handed out to to the audience who are taken on a musical journey of expression as they prepare for an imaginary annual school concert (the show’s finale). The show fosters musical literacy, including listening, improvisation, instrumental and vocal expression, ensemble playing, rounds, composition and of course introductory skills on the ukulele!
Woody Clark is a popular Victorian children’s entertainer and music teacher with over fifteen years of experience and he’s now set on sharing the gift of musical expression with the next generation of musicians and music-lovers! He regularly travels around Melbourne and Victoria, but currently calls Warburton home.


Friday, 19 July 2019 from 11:00-12:00