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Zhao Liang and Moonta Street // Kashkul

Zhao Liang and Moonta Street // Kashkul

Music for your weekend and your soul, with musicians from the world who call Adelaide home.

Zhao Liang is a dynamic and highly accomplished performer of the guzheng (Chinese harp). A versatile and adaptive artist, Zhao has performed at festivals and events including OzAsia Festival and at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Zhao’s guzheng is mesmerising and contemplative in one moment, and dynamic and animating in the next. In this performance, Zhao will perform solo and then with ‘Moonta Street’, an intercultural ensemble presenting a contemporary blend of Chinese and European traditional music.


In Persian mystical philosophy there is a concept of ‘no place’ which is situated within; in the inner world of the soul. There, time and distance are not measured objectively and every colour and shape, every sound and smell, takes on a spiritual significance because it is the visual expression of the invisible, a reflection of the unseen. It is this place that Kashkul Ensemble, led by composer and tar player Behnoosh Aryanpad, seeks to draw the audience to reflect upon, through the medium of music and poetry.