Folk Till Midnight

5EBI 103.1FM 5EBI 103.1FM
Home Phone: (08) 8211 7066 Website: http://www.¬5ebi.¬com.¬au

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Every Wednesday Night 10.30pm -Midnight on EBI FM @ 103.1FM
Beginning as Folk around Midnight, this programme has become a staple of Wednesday evenings on 5EBI 103.1FM.
Originally presented by Henk de Weerd, it is now in the care of Eric Ford.
Over the years different presenters have “passed thru”. For some time David Mulholland presented “Specials” and Katrina Carpenter did the programme once a month. Currently Eric presents an eclectic blend of folk music with some specials and interviews with both performers and organisers of Adelaide’s folk clubs. Different editions may feature all Australian performers, all male or all female. It may be all groups, all Scottisch or English. It could be all American, all Canadian or a mixture of any of the above. Eric tries to introduce new artists, new releases and a blend of traditional and contemporary styles veering occasionally into country and blues.
In essence Folk ’till Midnight covers the gamut of all that is Folk

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